Having fun with black ink and some soft colours and adding in a red accent! Always nice! ou are buying a signed and numbered giclee print on archival German Etching paper at 30cm x 30cm image, paper 40 x 40cm. The lithograph will be made by a custom printer in Haverfordwest, Wales. Please allow a week or so for this to take place!

Mod Leaves

  • For a print and a small original, the shipping fee to the States and anywhere in the world is £15. UK and EU it is £10. Full value insured.

    For an original that is framed or larger than 30cm x 30cm, the shipping will be added in on top of the purchase price. The artwork will be insured for full value plus shipping fee.

    Apologies for not being able to include the shipping in the fee, there are just too many variables. Thank you.